Divine Feminine Keynote Speaker, Community Expert, Coach & Facilitator For The Acquarian Era

We guide leaders to ignite their passion, purpose and prosperity through the power of divine feminine energy and conscious leadership.  


As the co-founder of HeyMama, and now Divine Feminine Leaeder, I've successfully raised millions in funding to empower women in building thriving careers and families. My journey includes steering a rapidly growing, nationally recognized startup, serving on multiple boards, and undergoing a profound spiritual transformation—all while navigating the challenges of single motherhood.

In this transformative experience, I confronted my leadership style rooted in fear, masculine energy, and a work addiction, driven by an underlying fear of failure and a toxic system of overworking rampant in NYC. It took experiencing failure to truly grasp the essence of success and rediscovering my authentic human design. My life's mission at Divine Feminine Leader is dedicated to cultivating a movement of feminine and wise leaders. Together, we'll transition from and old school paradigm that keeps us restricted, small and chasing to a way of being that allows us to fully recieve the abundance, opportunities and transformative experiences that light our soul on fire, in community.  The Collective64 has arrived, and we are on the brink of a shift in tides that will allow the feminine to reclaim it's space in the necessary balance and harmony of the cosmos.


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Long ago, on the ancient isle of Crete, visionary matriarchs sculpted a society of shared power and mutual respect. Their enchanting legacy of feminine leadership echoes through time, embodied in Divine Feminine Leader. As we enter the Aquarian Age, women stand at the forefront, ready to lead with unity and strength. Divine Feminine Leader is a community where compassion reigns over competition, and leadership blooms from connection and collaboration. Together, we pioneer healing methods and unlock boundless potential, forging a path to liberation and collective empowerment. Embrace your higher purpose and embark on a journey of co-creation with Divine Feminine Leader, as we ignite a new era of profound transformation.

This new way of leading as women will create freedom, impact and quantum growth.  Join us.

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to co-create wisdom, power and wealth to create a new era of feminine leadership.

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I can’t tell you how much I enjoy working with Katya. She’s creative, dedicated, has a great network, and most importantly, she wants you to succeed as much as possible. She offered strong insights on community and partnerships, and she hit the ground running from day one. I consider it a true privilege to know her, and every interaction with her was such a joy. Any founder would be lucky to have her in their corner.


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