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At KL & Co. we want to see a world where female founders have equal opportunities to succeed, and founders are living abundant and joyfully while scaling their businesses. 

Our mission is to build a community of leaders who feel connected to their inner wisdom and power to create a life and career with impact and without limits. Through the principles of conscious leadership, feminine leadership and heart-led living, we aim to unlock a better way to approach ambition that leads to sustainable happiness while exploring the depth of life together. Together we are unpacking generational patterns, limiting beliefs, societal expectations, external influences and our inner judge to break through to a new level of knowing and oneness so we can be the living legacy we aspire to be, and enjoy the journey as the destination.

ABOUT Katya Libin & Co. 

Katya Libin is the founder of KL & Co., a leading innovative and founder first holistic executive coaching practice for leaders looking for a paradigm shift.  The company works with clients individually and in mastermind groups, advises promising startups on how to grow with grace, and makes strategic investments in companies that promise a better future.  She is the Co-founder and board member of HeyMama, the largest private network for moms in business in the country. Building on a background in partnerships and tech, Libin conceived of HeyMama based on the need for support and community she felt in her own life as a working mother in 2014 and oversaw the companies rapid growth for 7 years, where she became one of the few founders to successfully raise a $3 million round of funding. As a voice for the experiences, challenges, and needs of entrepreneurial women, Libin has been published in, SheKnows, and Thrive Global, and has been featured in Woman’s Day, Parents, Forbes, Inc., and more.  Recently, she was named as 2023's, 100 Women to Know in America, an AdWeek Trailblazer, one of the Center for Women & Wealth’s 20 Most Inspiring Women to Watch Out For and as a Forbes Next 1000 recipient. Her biggest role is that of mom to her daughter, in whom she tries to instill the relentless work ethic and unflappable belief that anything is possible that she got from her own parents, who immigrated with her to the US from St. Petersburg when she was three (3).

Katya Libin


My Essence



If we're going to have an offsite, we'll likely start it off with a dance party.  Movement, connection and fun is at the root of how I operate, and we deserve to make this experience fun, luxurious and bringing about your best self.

Daytime Dancing

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I believe in the power of identity, you deserve to have items, experiences and coaching that makes you feel like the empress you are.  From decadent meals, to the occasional Gucci splurge, we get to spend with ease and shift our relationship with wealth.

Luxury Inside & Out

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favorite vacation

From family experiences, to the best DJ's in the world, Ibiza brings the perfect blend of European, relaxed and incredibly delightful I love.


my favs


Favorite Bar Game

What can I say, I'm great with balls. No pun intended, I love a good bar game.  I will school you in ping pong, and if you're up for a game, let's goooooo.  Life is meant to be played well, like the beautiful game it is.

Pool & Ping Pong


A year like no other, let's have 2024 be your time and do it in your way. This mastermind is for entrepreneurs and executives who are ready to shake it up, create and connect.  
WE BEGIN 3/12/24

Aware, Alive, Aligned Mastermind Spring Cohort 

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