In this intimate mastermind you are you cultivating the life, business and results you want by moving away from too busy and into abundance.  You recognize that it is only with new applied knowledge that you're going to be unstoppable.

Limitless potential starts with your ability to look past what's been possible and into the realm of what you know you're meant for. 


We get to do this together.

This intensive mindset shift and up-leveling mastermind will change your lens on building your business, and arm you with the deep trust to make the impossible a reality.



Full Day NYC Goddess

To celebrate all the big results from this program, we'll culminate the program with a one day and night rejuvenation retreat for the queen you are. 



Powerful introductions are part of my magic.  Together we will open up doors, or bang them down, to unlock the next big growth opportunity.  


1 Monthly Trailblazing Guest Speaker

Through my network of powerhouses, I will bring in experts to talk about everything from fundraising, to numerology, to sales strategies from other goddesses who have achieved massive results.


A Fired Up, Vulnerable
Whats App Group

Private whats-app group to share wins, breakthroughs and ask for support, while getting weekly suggestions for ways to level up in life and career.


Three 1:1 One Hour 
Coaching Sessions

It's all about you during our one on ones.  I'll help you move through blocks, unlock new opportunities and perspectives, create committed action and feel in the drivers seat through dynamic no BS sessions that support your vision.


Bi-Weekly Group
Coaching Calls

Your squad just got bigger, and you will never look back.  Group sessions will give you the break and break through you've been waiting for.


The Program

Life's A Game: Awareness For The Builders & Dreamers 

Amanda Goetz

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Human Design Teachings
How To Speak With Confidence

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Business Credit For Growth 

Cloe Luv

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Madeline Pryor 

Hypnotic Visualization 

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Orgasmic Sexual Wealth

Jo PortiA

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Cyndi Ramirez

How to Build a Chill Rocketship

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"The Aware, Aligned, Alive Mastermind has been the best thing I've done this year. Katya is the best leader I've ever gotten the experience to learn from and be around-- she created an amazing container that felt so *good* 100% of the time. She is so incredibly present the entire time, keeping the group connected and interacting with conversation every single day, unlike anything I've seen in other groups. Within just the first few weeks the group chat felt like a text with my besties and it never felt forced or like I had to schedule in time to remember to check it because it was actually the first place I'd want to go to share wins or questions or thoughts. Katya is completely in your corner from day 1 of the program and brings her experience, connections, and energy to everything you do. I have felt myself shift in the ways I think, act, and create through my time in this program, and know it's something I'll carry with me forever. While I 100% recommend this program to anyone who is considering any kind of uplevel in their life, I also just recommend being a part of anything Katya is ever doing if you can! I have no doubt that Katya can change your life."

Alessandra Pollina, Quotable Media CEO & Co-Founder

"I had just come off of a very intense first quarter trying to grow my business in a terrible economy. For the first time, I was spending all this money on marketing leads, and questioning if it was working and having some mixed results bringing on new clients that were effectively strangers. 

SXSW was the first time where I paused and spent time with other women like feeling inspired, feeling creative, feeling like I had a different side of myself that came to life again. That was a breath of fresh air, because the first part of the year I was spending all my time in this very intense new business role. I had a hard time shutting it off on Friday nights and even like Saturday mornings I was still pretty amped up, so I was feeling like the impact of that intense adrenaline, sales mode was negatively impacting my relationship with my family, with my kids, with my husband. 

There were all these other parts of being a woman that Katya talked about as part of Aware, Aligned, Alive that sounded appealing because I felt numb to the rest of me and like I needed to get out of this obsessive mode of trying to grow my business. 

The idea that doing work on the other parts of yourself could actually attract more business in a more fluid way where you're not having to hit like your nose to the grindstone was really appealing to me. 

So I took the leap and signed up, and I'm so glad I did because there have been so many positive changes since then. I'm seeing that play out in my business as well, which is really cool. And it's happening for all the other women that are in the mastermind. I don't think it's a coincidence, all these positive changes that have happened for all of us.

Katya has a way with words. She names exactly what you're feeling, exactly what you're going through and puts a name to all of that. 

It’s been a really positive place to go through different transitions, to share what you're feeling about your life outside of work or in work, to feel the support of other women that are in a very similar situation, on different paths. There's this energy that comes from the group that's really supportive and you hype each other up, too. We encourage each other to try new things that are scary and for everybody it's really paying off. 

Suddenly, things started to fall into place, I relaxed, and enjoyed my vacation, I delegated, and I took the time to read the books, which were very transformative for me as well. Business is flowing! I feel more present and engaged in the other parts of my life again.

Amy Jackson, Founder of
Talesplash PR 

"Katya has been a game changer for me, both personally and professionally.

There are a lot of testimonials on coaches' websites that say things like "I learned so much about myself" or "Now I understand my worth", but Katya did something different and exceeded surface level. My worth has always been clear to me and I am always learning, but working with Katya was like walking and returning home from a rough day at school in my childhood neighborhood.

I looked forward to our meetings because of the inspiration, empowerment, gut-wrenching truth telling, community, and unlimited virtual hugs we shared. She would give just enough to toughen, sharpen, and affirm me in order to get back out into the world and succeed. My grandmother would give me something similar as I arrived home from school.

Getting money was never a problem for me, but thinking I deserved more was. That was my biggest takeaway. I will always remember her gentle laughs in my face when she reminded me that I was the shit and that I should not value myself any less.

As a result of this mindset shift, I have been able to renegotiate contracts, leave toxic relationships (personal and professional), restructure my business operations, and raise my prices.

Get a Katya as soon as possible if you don't already have one."


"Joining the Aware, Aligned, Alive Mastermind has been nothing short of transformative for both my personal and professional life. Since becoming a member, I've witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in clients, a metric that reflects the tangible impact of the mastermind's guidance. The opportunities that unfolded were beyond my expectations. I had the honor of sitting on a panel alongside inspiring women leaders, amplifying my visibility and network. Securing an interview on a well-known podcast provided a platform to share my expertise, reaching a broader audience and reinforcing my credibility.

What truly set this mastermind apart, however, was the invaluable connection with a Black Woman Law Partner who became a mentor, guiding me through the intricacies of business and contracting. The cohort's unwavering support constantly reminded me of my value and capability, proving to be the most significant takeaway. It's not just about having the tools to build a foundation; it's about being aware, alive, and aligned in using them effectively. This mastermind provided the blueprint and strategy I needed, clarifying not just what tools to use, but when and how. I'm grateful for the profound impact Aware, Aligned, Alive has had on my journey, both professionally and personally.



When we are aligned and in flow, sharing the gifts and purpose meant for us, the paths with clear and the right opportunities will come directly to you.  Through this program we will cultivate your spiritual practice, align on your personal and brand values, and walk that walk sis.  With a deep embodiment of what you hold dearest, and a commitment to showing up differently, you will achieve different results with a grace and flow.  It doesn't have to be hard.  It has to be true. 

Attract success with more ease 

The world of business is an infinite game, with many players and no specific end date.  If you want to play to win in life and career, it starts with your mindset around the game.  Together we will focus on bringing in delight, outrageousness, playfulness and gratitude into your daily rhythm.  The impacts will not just lead to better results,  but a happier and more balanced YOU.

Approach growth with play & joy

We are living in a time where there is no time to not believe in yourself. Together we will hone in what makes you magnetic, your unique gifts and magic, the voice within that wants to play bigger and bolder, and heal your solar plexus to emerge with deep inner confidence.  Yes, i'm talking to any of you who have a voice in your head who you are very tired of listening to.  

Cultivate recession 
proof confidence?

Are you ready to...

No more feeling like you're doing it all alone.  This is what real support looks like and feels like, and someone have your back.

A revitalized mindset adapt for whatever the world will come at you with, and ready to harness a year of growth in all ways.

A crew of ride or die women that you can be on this wild ride of life with to have laughs, cries and those "pinch me" moments.

Sit back and watch as every aspect of your life improves when you invest in you, from relationships to family, health and wellness to community.  Let's have you firing on all cylinders.

Here's What To Expect

You consider yourself spiritual and open minded, trusting in powers beyond us, but you want support applying insights and practices

You are seeking exponential financial abundance and overflow, and not chasing success or acting from desperation.

You no longer seek to live in the land of "not enough", or "maybe one day" and instead by want actionable ways to bring your vision to the forefront

This mastermind is for you if...

Apply now

People matter to you. You know the real source of happiness is around our relationships and you are committed to being a leader in all aspects of your life.

Experience from a woman who has met 1000's of entrepreneurs and is relentlessly committed to serving in her highest capacity 

Unconditional support and cheerleading in the highs and lows, so that you always have someone to turn to

A unique approach to building a business while being aligned and connected with your soul and purpose

Finally, an opportunity where it is all about you!  This experience allows you to let down your guard and breathe.

Clients of KL & Co experience: 

My process is rooted in unconditional love and energetic support for clients, so outside of 1:1 calls you have whatsapp access, regular check-ins and support to fuel you.

I integrate Positive Intelligence framework based on 50,000+ global participants to shift from sabotage to possibility 

Clients receive a thorough onboarding and dedicated one on one attention and a heart led integral coach with solutions at the core. 

A Powerful & Pleasureful Process

Apply now!

Comprehensive Leadership Assessment with Clifton Strengths for every participant, Communication Style Assessment + Energy Workshop to lean into blocked areas and hone in on your zone of genius 



*Pricing valid until 2/15/24
*Payment plans available 

How long is the program?

This mastermind is a 5 month commitment to each other, and once you commit, we ask for your present and meaningful participation so that you and all other participants can get the full value.
Want to check out the full curriculum? Click here.


We are creating a safe space for the whole woman, from relationships and intimacy to term sheets, this is the completely confidential non judgment space to show up in your beautiful messy self.


What kind of coaching methodology do you use?

My coaching styles pulls from various modalities including Conscious Leadership Principles, Co-Active, the 7 Energy Chakras, Divine Feminine Teachings and Mindfulness/Breathwork Training.  Think of me as a curator, exploring healing tools and growth hacking to bring you the best of each.

how much is the investment?

The Mastermind program is priced at $9500 for a duration of 5 months. An early bird rate of $7500 is available for payments received by July 31st, while a rate of $8888 applies for payments received by August 31st. Starting September, the regular rate of $9500 will be in effect. Please note that monthly billing is an option, but it carries a 10% premium; however, this option is not available at the discounted July rate.


Yes, there are a number of billing opportunities to help make this feasible for you. Please reach out to me if you have any specific requests.

What if i miss a session?

We ask that all participants do their absolute best to receive the coaching and tools as they are presented, and at the times presented, however, life happens and we will do our best to accomodate.

Let's Make This Fall Incredible

Building companies while juggling families is not for the faint of heart, it is for the fully heart connected, bold, magnetic women that isn't afraid of hard work. She's afraid of working hard and having it never become what she's dreamed of.

I've met thousands of women, and far too few are enjoying the ride of entrepreneurship and business. Most, actually are just surviving.

We get to do this together.

Masterminds like this are an investment in your well being, your expansion and your bottomline, because it all starts with you.


This is an application based program with limited availability.  I look forward to meeting with you and will do a screening call for all applicants. We have just two spots left. Apply today.