In a world where the spotlight has often been on traditional, masculine leadership traits, it's high time to recognize the incredible strength and potential of feminine leadership and how these principles bring you the ease, success and balance you crave.

Balanced Feminine Energy Is What We've Been Missing in Business 


A transformative journey designed exclusively for executive women and established founders ready to infuse their leadership journey with unparalleled joy.

🌟 Unleash Your Radiance:
Dive into a six-month, premium 1:1 coaching experience crafted to elevate not just your leadership, but your entire life. This program is a sanctuary for high-achieving women seeking to balance power with joy, ambition with fulfillment.

πŸš€ Elevate Your Leadership:
Through personalized coaching sessions, we tailor strategies that align with your unique leadership style. Uncover your untapped potential, refine your decision-making prowess, and embrace the joy that comes with leading authentically.

🌈 Tap into Your Joyful Potential:
Blissed Out isn’t just a program; it's a philosophy. Discover how joy can be a powerful catalyst for success. We guide you to tap into your wellspring of joy, infusing every decision and action with a positive and empowering energy.

πŸ’Ό CEO-Level Confidence:
Develop an unshakeable confidence that radiates from within. Gain tools and techniques to navigate challenges with grace, fostering a leadership presence that commands respect and inspires those around you.

πŸ” Holistic Success Blueprint:
We don’t just focus on professional success; we craft a holistic blueprint for your life. Achieve harmony between your personal and professional spheres, ensuring your success is not only measured in achievements but in the joyous moments that define a fulfilled life.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Why Radiant Leadership?
Our program is not just about making you a better leader; it's about making you a happier one. The Radiant Leadership philosophy believes that true success is found at the intersection of achievement and joy.

🌺 Ready to Radiate? Inquire Today:
If you're a trailblazing executive woman or founder ready to redefine success on your terms – with joy as your compass – Radiant Leadership: Blissed Out Mastery Program is your next destination. Elevate your leadership, embrace joy, and let’s embark on a transformative journey together.

Radiant Leadership Signature Program

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Are you an early-stage founder or a woman entrepreneur feeling stuck, yearning to break free from the confines of your current business plateau? "Momentum" is your four-month intensive 1:1 program designed to propel you forward, foster breakthroughs, and launch you into the next level of success.

Program Highlights:

Strategic Leap Planning:
Uncover the precise strategies and insights needed to take your business to new heights. We work together to create a personalized roadmap tailored to your unique goals, ensuring every step is intentional and propels you forward.

Holistic Business Transformation:
"Momentum" isn't just about business; it's about transforming every facet of your entrepreneurial journey. From refining your business model to enhancing your leadership skills, we create a holistic plan that transcends traditional boundaries.

Unparalleled Mentorship:
Gain access to Katya through 1:1 calls, whatsapp access and community events so you can learn from others who have successfully navigated the early stages of entrepreneurship. Learn from their experiences, receive invaluable guidance, and build connections that last a lifetime.

Mindset Mastery:
Break free from limiting beliefs and cultivate a mindset of abundance and resilience. "Momentum" equips you with the mental tools to overcome challenges, embrace uncertainty, and turn setbacks into stepping stones toward your ultimate vision.

Implementation Workshops:
Translate strategy into action through hands-on workshops. Implement key initiatives with precision and speed, ensuring that your business experiences tangible results during the program's duration.

Customized Support:
Your journey is unique, and so is the support you'll receive. Enjoy personalized coaching sessions, feedback, and resources tailored to your specific needs, ensuring every aspect of "Momentum" is aligned with your growth trajectory.

By the end of "Momentum," you won't just see growth – you'll embody it. From a revitalized business strategy to a transformed mindset, you'll leap to the next level with confidence and momentum that propels you toward the success you've envisioned.

Ready to break free from stagnation and propel your business forward? Apply for "Momentum" today and embark on a transformative four-month journey that promises not just growth but unstoppable momentum. Your breakthrough awaits!

Momentum – Your Catalyst for Growth

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Believes in you inherently

The advisor you can text anytime

Supporting with board creation

If you are looking for an engaged, active and connected board member, than look here. The KL & Co. portfolio is growing and home to some of the most innovative women led companies around.  Portfolio companies benefit from cross company support, partnerships, exclusive events and a wealth of experience that I bring.



Where Visionaries Unite for Purposeful Leadership!

Are you ready to elevate your leadership to new heights, guided by principles of mindfulness, empathy, and purpose? The Conscious Leader Mastermind is an exclusive gathering of visionary leaders committed to shaping a more compassionate and conscious world through their impactful leadership.

Mastermind Features:

Mindful Leadership Workshops:
Immerse yourself in transformative workshops that blend ancient wisdom with contemporary leadership practices. Learn how to lead with clarity, intention, and a profound awareness of the impact you create.

Empathy in Action:
Cultivate the power of empathy in leadership. Through shared experiences and empathetic exercises, develop a deeper understanding of your team, clients, and the broader community, fostering stronger, more meaningful connections.

Purpose-Driven Strategy Sessions:
Align your leadership with a higher purpose. Engage in strategy sessions that go beyond profit margins, focusing on how your business can positively impact society and contribute to a sustainable, conscious future.

Community of Conscious Leaders:
Connect with like-minded leaders who share your commitment to conscious leadership. Exchange insights, collaborate on projects, and build a network of support that extends beyond the mastermind.

Guided Meditation and Reflection:
Take time for self-discovery and reflection through guided meditation sessions. These moments of stillness are designed to enhance your self-awareness and deepen your connection to the values that drive your leadership.

Accountability Partnerships:
Forge meaningful connections with fellow mastermind participants, creating accountability partnerships that propel each member toward their individual and collective goals.

Guest Expert Sessions:
Benefit from the wisdom of thought leaders in conscious leadership. Expert sessions cover a range of topics, providing diverse perspectives and enriching your understanding of the evolving landscape of purposeful leadership.

By the end of the Conscious Leader Mastermind, you'll emerge as a more conscious, compassionate, and effective leader. Armed with a toolkit of mindfulness practices, strategic insights, and a network of like-hearted leaders, you'll be ready to lead with purpose and impact in today's evolving world.

Join us in the Conscious Leader Mastermind and be part of a community dedicated to transforming leadership from the inside out. Together, let's create a ripple effect of positive change in the world, and have fun doing it! 

The Conscious 
Leader Mastermind

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With hundreds of events under my belt, and talks around the country, nothing brings me greater joy than gathering people together for a purpose and conversation.  I provide engaging keynote talks, panel moderation and curation, workshops and more meant to inspire and connect your company or conference attendees.  From an exclusive dinner to a summit, it would be an honor to be a part of your vision.

Speaker & Host

Each women is a true prize to know deeply.  To start we get on a clarity call to better understand your journey, desires, focus and challenges.  I listen, hold space and create an open and loving opportunity to co-create a future partnership.

Getting to know you

I aim to deeply understand all of my clients industry experience and what they are facing in the market.  This helps me best be able to serve them and what they are growing, from both a strategic business lens and growth opportunity.

Industry Research

My coaching programs always kick off with breath-work and mindful moments to get my clients into a clear headspace. Throughout my coaching programs, you can expect suggestions on mindfulness and spiritual practices, meditation suggestions, and homework aimed to support your lifestyle shifts and development.


At the root of every strong client relationship is communication, so I am to air on the side of oversupporting my clients.  Whether on whatsapp, voice notes, calls or email, I am available to help work through blocks, provide spot coaching, foster an intro or just listen.