Cloe Luv

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Kathryn Beaton


What began as a trial soon led to Katya being a more permanent part of my life. She has mentored and coached me through a lot of baggage I was holding on to (personally + professionally), while also being there for those immediate SOS moments that probably happen more than I like would like to admit : ) I have never felt more powerful than I have knowing that Katya has my back and is there to guide me, support me, cry with me, and celebrate with me."

From the moment I started working with Katya my life started to change. 

Lindsay COOK, CEO OF FITON, over $70 Million raised

Katya is an amazing entrepreneur, thought leader, and problem solver. She offered fantastic advice to my business as has the perfect mix of creative ideas and hustle to bring them to life. She would be a great coach to any founder." 

Sam Rudolph
Babyation FoundeR

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy working with Katya. She’s creative, dedicated, has a great network, and most importantly, she wants you to succeed as much as possible. She offered strong insights on community and partnerships, and she hit the ground running from day one. I consider it a true privilege to know her, and every interaction with her was such a joy. Any founder would be lucky to have her in their corner.

Megan & Ariel, co-founders of ROOMLIFT

Katya is an incredible resource for any business/woman looking to step into their power, and widen their path. Her attention is real, her guidance is experienced and thoughtful and her enthusiasm is infectious. If you're honest with yourself and her about what you want to accomplish - she WILL help you find your path.



founder | happyly

"Katya is both an incredible and deeply caring human and an incredible executive coach." 

Caitlin Iseler

"She taught me the deep connection between self and how I show up to work and what I attract in the world when I’m not exercising, meditating, giving myself space to think, giving myself the kindness I give to others. While these could be things you read in a book (and should repeatedly) it was world changing to have someone caring and supporting every week, the accountability (with love) was exceptional. The gift beyond the coaching was making a real friend, someone got can be honest with in ways that feel so safe."

Tara and Lisa

co-founders | complex creatures


“Katya is a trendsetter and a visionary. I wanted to work with Katya because she believed in afterglow's potential for greatness, even through tough moments. She's a true community builder who's always looking to build others up. She gently pushes me to be the best I can be, and I know I can call her with anything. She's introduced me to some of the most wonderful, helpful people who've taken afterglow to the next level. I know anybody Katya sends me is somebody worth talking to.”


“I gained so much confidence after completing the mastermind. The community is so helpful and I gained some life long support.”



"Katya was involved in an SPV raise for Chillhouse's seed round. Not only did she do an exceptional job securing funding from angels, she was also instrumental in connecting us with one of our bigger retail partners. Like most exceptional entrepreneurs, Katya is great at putting the pieces to the puzzle together and she proactively looks at ways to make herself useful to you and your business. It was no surprise that she would take her work & life experience and channel that to uplift other female entrepreneurs and help them accomplish their goals. She's not your typical business coach though; she looks at the big picture holistically and believes in the power of good energy being a big factor in manifesting your dreams -- something I'm super aligned with. Cannot recommend her more!"

Cindy Ramirez Fulton - Founder & CEO, Chillhouse

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